Church Committees

Administrative Council – This council is comprised of each of the chairpersons of all of the church committees. The council serves as a governing and overseer of  the body of the church.  As new ideas, programs, or business needs arise, a recommendation is brought first to the council for approval.

Chairperson – Ken Wease – 812-824-7233
Secretary – Barb Sylester
Lay Leader -Barb Ticen
Lay Member to Annual Conference – Janette Kinser
Treasurer – John Bernstein
Education Committee Chair – Sherrie Johnson
Fellowship Committee -Barb Sylvester
Finance Committee – Colleen Perry
Missions/Outreach and Evangelism – Chris Stemler
Staff/Pastor Parish Relations – Dwight Cochran
Trustees – Gary Sylvester
Pastor – Matt Hinshaw
Worship Committee -Teresa Hinshaw
Youth Adult -Member-At-Large- Kyleah Cochran

Fellowship Committee – is responsible to create fellowship opportunities such as breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for the congregation. 

  • Chair – Barbara Sylvester -812-824-8642
  • Members- Pastor Matt Hinshaw, Martha Bastin, Dwight Cochran, Lili & Leon Hankins, Pauline & Tom Kirkman, Betty Taylor,  Ann Calvin, Bill &  Mary Jo Dudley, Joan Hillenburg, & Kim Schleibaum.

Finance Committee – is responsible for managing the financial aspects of the church such as banking, accounting, and informing the pastor and congregants of the churches financial status and needs.

  • Chair – Colleen Perry -812-360-5994
  • Financial Secretary – Dianne Martin
  • Administrative Council Chair- Ken Wease
  • Treasurer – John Bernstein
  • Lay Leader – Barb Ticen
  • Trustee Representative- Gary Sylvester
  • Staff/Pastor Parish Representative- Dwight Cochran
  • Pastor Matt Hinshaw
  • Secretary – Barb Sylvester

Board of Trustees – is responsible for the real estate of the church and owned properties. Duties include managing  the maintenance of  all  church buildings. People on this committee are elected by the Charge Conference and are registered at the County Clerk’s office as official officers of the church. They serve a 3 year term.

  • Chairman – Gary Sylvester -812-824-864, and Pastor Matt Hinshaw
  • Class of 2018 – Gary Rutherford, John Bastin, Debbie Wease
  • Class of 2019 – Rodney Ira, Dwight Cochran, Barb Sylvester
  • Class 0f 2020-  Roger Taylor, Roger Tate, Bobby Hoagland

Missions  Committee – is  responsible for inviting congregants to participate in missionary endeavors within the community (Outreach) and within and outside of the country.  This committee serves to fulfil the Great Commission.

  • Chair- Chris Stemler -812-276-3250
  • Members- Pastor Matt Hinshaw, John Bernstein, Donna Cochran, Carol Hoagland, Danny Johnson, Marion Keutzer, Janette Kinser, Kyleah Cochran, Ray & Rhonda Shock, & Donna Stemler.

Multimedia Committee – is responsible for the maintenance and management of existing and new multimedia communications such as web page, facebook, as well as audio visual equipment. 

  • Chair – Theresa Skaggs – 812-824-9301
  • Members- Pastor Matt Hinshaw, Kenny Wease, Colleen Perry, Chris & Donna Stemler, & Lilli Hankins.

Staff/Pastor Parish Committee – is responsible for hiring, firing, and the salary increases of the church staff. Responsibilities may include discussions on the growth of the church and managing the relationships between the pastor and the church staff.

  • Chair – Dwight Cochran -812-824-7488
  • Lay Leader – Barb Ticen
  • Lay Member – Janette Kinser
  • Youth Rep. – Kyleah Cochran
  • Member at Large -Rodney Ira
  • Pastor Matt Hinshaw

Education Committee – is responsible for presenting Christian education to every age group of the church. This includes weekly Sunday school lessons, Bible school programs, and curriculum maintenance.

  • Chairperson -Sherrie Johnson- 812-325-5471
  • Members-Teresa Hinshaw, Jenny Ison, Marion Keutzer, Danny Johnson, Colleen Perry, Amy Sherrill, BarbTicen, & Pastor Matt Hinshaw.

Worship Committee – is responsible for providing spiritual music, special bi-monthly evening prayer services, and weekly Sunday morning services.  Responsibilities include planning music, coordinating the spoken Word, maintaining the sanctuary decor, and creating special holiday ambiences.

  • Chair -Teresa Hinshaw – 812-861-1576
  • Members- Pastor Matt Hinshaw, Ella Boady, Colleen Perry, Donna Stemler, Barb Ticen, Joyce Swango, & Debbie Wease.

Nominations Committee – is responsible for understanding of the congregants’s talents and gifts in order to utilize their skills into appropriate committees. Responsibilities include the yearly selection of the chairpersons and members of each of the church committees.

  • Chairperson – Pastor Matt Hinshaw – 812-824-3783
  • Members – Barb Ticen, Donna Cochran, Rodney Ira, Vicky Sorensen, Donna Stemler, & Janice Fidler.